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“A surprise puzzle game with a budget price, casual-friendly learning curve, internet-approved sense of humor, a beefy demo, and smartly-built levels. It’s pretty much everything you could want from a logic puzzle game, including dinosaurs and snax!”

- Jay is Games


“You will bleed. You will curse your clumsiness and decry your foreseeable untimely evisceration. But you will also begin to see. You will see solutions.”

- The Mediocrity Codex


“Dinos in Space has little to do with either dinosaurs or space. Rather, it is a well-conceived little puzzle game — conceptually quite simple, but with the ability to pose puzzles that take real cognition to solve.”

-Play This Thing!


“Overall Dinos In Space was a great challenge with a few extra treats. If you like puzzle games I would recommend giving this title a try.”

-Indie Love


“There are plenty of puzzle games like it, but Dinos In Space is enjoyable and simply adorable enough to hold its own.”

-Nexos Cluster

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